24 April 2010

we can say it's a good day

my bro is back!! yea, cool. his plane landed at 3 pm. me, my lil bro, and my mom went out at 2.45.
i thought we're late cuz we arrived at 3.30 but, anyway anyhow he just arrived.
the first thing he did when i approached him: hit my head with an empty bottle (with a smile on his face -__-) well, i just laughed along with him
when we're going to fetched him, I am so excited you know! and this is how i look like:

he's so nice that he bought me a purse :D too simple I guess, but that's fine with me.

i have filled it out already :D

this is my old one. he's in a terrible condition

thanks bro! and he also bought this novel:



Farah Savira said...

Wow love to hear that ren! Maksudnya drpd kemaren lo sedih hehe :D

Irene Debora Meilisa S said...

iya thanks far. sorry ya saya bertindak sangat bodoh kemaren itu :(

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