27 April 2010

this week will be:

  1. Fun: I'm in Jakarta, and will be going to Bandung
  2. Lonely: I left my best friends in Malaysia
  3. Super Cool: I'll meet my cousins
  4. Harsh: I need to study, not having fun
  5. Gaining weight week -_-
Yesterday, I arrived at Jakarta around 8.00 PM (Jakarta time). My aunt picked me up with her driver. And then we ate dinner at "Baso Malang". Then, we went home to "Ciledeug" *bener ga sih gini tulisannya?* I didn't really like Jakarta, but it's okay. cuz around 3 PM (Jakarta time) I'll be going to Bandung! muahahahaha.. and then, that's when the REAL FUN begin!!

Last one, I just wanna say that I REALLY miss this fellows:
  • Delannoy Belin
  • Irfan Hanif
  • Retnali S.P
  • Adelika R.D
  • Vinca R.R
I didn't say the others not because I don't miss them. but because the list will be to long. sorry guys. Super cool. what? what did i just typed? forget it.


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