13 August 2013


Seriously, my dad has been spoiling me for these past few days.
He said he wanted to make sure that i have everything i needed before i went to Bandung.
the first thing he bought me is this b-e-a-utiful watch:

Well, I've been asking for the new watch since, like, the National Exam ended. My old magnificent watch has rest in peace. i really love that big watch...

Anyway, and then Dad said there's no way I can use a netbook when I entered Uni, so he bought me this:

It's a 13 inch Macbook Pro with retina display ._.
i seriously can't believe he actually bought it for me (and on the left side of the laptop is a 1 TB external hard disk)
when dad asked me what laptop i wanted he asked like this: 'so, what kind of laptop do you want, Mac?'
i laughed it off cause i don't think he mean it.
and then, of course i asked my genius/freak tech bro's opinion about this matter.
he told me to get Macbook Pro because it's really good for designing and stuffs. i'll need it for my major.
well, so yesterday, we bought it.
and let me tell you this: having a genius/freak tech bro is something i really need to be grateful for.
Mac is seriously a pain in the stomach when you've been using Windows for years.
there's a lot of incompatibility with the whole operating system... you can only Read your external stuffs because most of those stuffs have a Windows system.
anyway, i just leave it my brother's hand, and, VOILA! i can Read & Write my external hard disk, i have Office for Mac, Speed downloader (they haven't make Internet Download Manager for Mac yet) and stuffs... i really am thankful.

and lastly, today i got this:

actually i fell in love with another shoes near this. BUT
sadly, it's for men. and their minimum size is 39 (6 in USA) while my size is 5.
 so in the end i still need to choose from the women.
it's still cool though, this is the coolest in the rack (i think)

but then it all comes to the realisation that i really am going to leave my lil bro and my dad and my mom behind.
i've been thinking about this
and i decided not to cry when we part (well, we're going to see each other soon in December anyway)
because this is my DREAM. i need to show them that i'll treasure this opportunity God has given me.
and i know it's going to be way, way, WAY tougher for me.
God let me in
so He will definitely see me out.
He'll guide me through
that's one thing i know for sure.

i've been packing my stuffs and it's kinda hard. i know i can't bring my whole bedroom, so it's hard... i really need to think this through.
and my novels, oh dude...
i need to choose some (and by 'some' i mean 'very few') novels to bring. there's like three novels already in Bandung, but i would seriously need more.
and the clothes. phew, the clothes......
i literally emptied my wardrobe, lol.

tomorrow i plan to go to Monique's house... we'll see each other in Bandung soon but, well, i can't go without seeing her face first.
Ila and Ciripah can't come. i could definitely still see Ciripah in Bandung, but Ila is staying at Medan so we'll probably see each other less.....
too bad, but, well.. can't help it.
everyone's busy.

I will miss: Mam, Papa, Uli, my desk lamp, my black cat doll from Monique, my guitar replica i got from Bali, the lunchbox i got from Monique, my desk, my notes, my bookcase, my novels!, my bed, my bedcover, my dvds, our fishes, my AC, my bedroom wall............

10 August 2013

Up All Night

Okay, this is really crazy for me. Right now it's 5 AM in the morning and i haven't had even a minute of sleep.
Yesterday morning i had a can of Nescafe Latte. Later around 9 PM we went to a cafe and i ordered a 32oz glass of ice caramel mocchiato. AND THEN i drank (around 11 PM) a tiny carton of Nescafe caramel.
This is the result.
This is like my first time not having a sleep at all.
I watched a movie at 2 AM and then at 4 i tried to sleep but my brain keep talking and making up stories in my head and before i knew it, i could hear my mom is cooking in the kitchen right now.
You know, sleep is such a big deal for me. Really.
Major problem.
Though now i know why a cup or glass of coffee won't have any effect on me. It's because i need THREE (glass, carton and can).
Maybe this is good for future references. Because i clearly won't be getting that much sleep in uni life.
But dude! DUDE.
i'll probably drop dead asleep during mid day but well....
This is... Something.
I really can't sleep.
This is the first time coffee had an effect on me.
My mind kept on running like on a marathon.
I don't even think i make any sense right now, but this is a big deal.
My record was 2 AM. It never get past that.
And right now i don't have any sleep.
I tried sleeping, God knows i did.
Man, this is.....

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