10 August 2013

Up All Night

Okay, this is really crazy for me. Right now it's 5 AM in the morning and i haven't had even a minute of sleep.
Yesterday morning i had a can of Nescafe Latte. Later around 9 PM we went to a cafe and i ordered a 32oz glass of ice caramel mocchiato. AND THEN i drank (around 11 PM) a tiny carton of Nescafe caramel.
This is the result.
This is like my first time not having a sleep at all.
I watched a movie at 2 AM and then at 4 i tried to sleep but my brain keep talking and making up stories in my head and before i knew it, i could hear my mom is cooking in the kitchen right now.
You know, sleep is such a big deal for me. Really.
Major problem.
Though now i know why a cup or glass of coffee won't have any effect on me. It's because i need THREE (glass, carton and can).
Maybe this is good for future references. Because i clearly won't be getting that much sleep in uni life.
But dude! DUDE.
i'll probably drop dead asleep during mid day but well....
This is... Something.
I really can't sleep.
This is the first time coffee had an effect on me.
My mind kept on running like on a marathon.
I don't even think i make any sense right now, but this is a big deal.
My record was 2 AM. It never get past that.
And right now i don't have any sleep.
I tried sleeping, God knows i did.
Man, this is.....

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