20 July 2013

I'm a sucker for cute stuffs.

I don't even realized it myself, but i guess i've been collecting cute stuffs for quite a while....
The 'cute' stuffs in my category might be quite...... different though.
I like collecting papers, cute notebooks... To put it simply, stationery stuffs....?
I don't even use those notebooks i bought.
I just keep them on my desk's drawer.
I also like collecting boxes....
I know, it's really odd
Anyway today i went to Gramedia, a bookstore, and got lost in an awe.
There's a sale of notebooks (for school) and memos..
Anyway i got caught in the notebook stall.
everything is so cute.. The coverrr *love*
But the inside is pretty much....usual?
Anyway before i realized it, i've picked 4 notebooks
But then i came to my sense (more like, i just realized that i'm going to pay with my own money) so in the end i only bought one.
It's hard to pick which one, but since i'm a loyal person, i bought the blue one.
It's more simple than the rest but simple is good, right?
Anywaay i really can't stand cute stuffs, ya knoww~
I'm a sucker for cute stuffs
I'm also a sucker for antique stuffs (like old books)
I bought a very old book yesterday, it's very cheap.
Though the cover is....not really readable anymore, but the inside is still pretty good.
I don't really know the story but i bought it since the genre is Mystery.
Turns out it was a series *sigh*
I think i might just try to make it my new collection...but i need to finish my Agatha Christie's first... I just bought another 4 of her novels. So my Agatha Christie's novel has reached 71!!! Woo hoo!
I think i want to talk about something else too, but i forgot -_-
Well, i guess i'll post it when it came back to my mind.

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