06 November 2011

Negative Thought

Okay, so today I want to let out my negative thought in this blog. It's been bugging my mind for quite some times and I can't hold it anymore.
I want to tell you about this crazy society we live in.
I believe people like to talk about this, and we've all heard about it:
"Inner beauty is more important than Outer beauty."
Well, that's bullshit.
Seriously, have you ever see that happened? like, really, in front of your eyes?
We're all hypocrites. We don't look for inner beauty, not if their outer appearance sucks. That's reality.
If they don't look good on the outside, you won't even bother to know their inside.
Just like buying books, if the cover is not good, you won't even bother to look at the synopsis.
If you don't read the synopsis, you wouldn't even know what that book is all about.
And if you don't know anything about the book,
most certainly, you won't buy it.
Just as simple as that.
Right now I'm in rage to anyone who keeps saying that Inner beauty beats Outer beauty and stuffs like that.
Dude, I live in this world, and I ain't see people doing that shit.
what the hell is wrong with this world?!
and I know it's hard to not judging someone by their appearance, but we all did that.
deep down inside, when we see someone, we've given them this 'opinion' that's not fair at all.
we don't even know them, and we don't even bother to try to know them, yet we've judged them.
it's a cruel world we live in

that's just some of the nature of humans.

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