27 August 2014

Architecture Student

Greetings humans!
So after I got in to my dream major and dream university, I started my first week as an Architecture student.
Unlike any other SANE universities, we entered our major on our 2nd year. The 1st year is basically "High School: One Last Time".


As being said, about three days before the new term started, we need to meet our 'caretaker', I have no idea what's the word for a-lecturer-that's-in-charge-of-you-for-the-whole-year so let's just call it a caretaker for now.
There're 20ish of us under the guidance of our caretaker.
So he gave us plenty of advice and some stories about what's gonna happen with us from that moment on.
And at some point, what he said really struck me.
I don't quite remember the exact words, but the bottom line is something like this:

"From now on, you guys WILL be not normal."

"Why? Because you're going to be an architect."

At first I was like, "exaggerating much?". But, boy, I've never been so wrong in my life....

My first day as an AR student:
We got in at 7 AM, went to a class full of 100ish students, got divided into group, had some briefing.
And then we went out at around 10 or 11 to a certain place we've been assigned to. 
Take measurement of the building, sketch it, went back to the studio, and...f-ing draw that shit.
We need to make the floor plan, perspective drawing of the building, and some other stuff I don't even understand. And then there's one more class which is pretty................boring good. It's pretty good.


2nd day, couldn't get any worse right?
First class start at 7, at the end of the class we got a task which is to read a chapter 2 of a certain book and make a resume of it.
And then we head back to the studio and start to at least draw a line on a piece of paper.
The last class, at 1PM, split us into yet another group and the assignment is to find a building, appreciate it by making a report out of it and also interview the architect.
Awesome, just awesome.

3rd day, which is today is not getting any easier.
Yet the same old 7AM, we got into class (the same class every single day.) and then got into another group. Assignment: design a gazebo. Make a floor plan of it and then build its scale model with a material of wood AND bamboo.
During the short (actually it's three and a half hour) introduction class, we got shoved on some AMAZING physics stuffs, LOTS of terms on building construction. And we need to apply it on our scale model.


Tomorrow will be the fourth day.........of yet another day at the studio and its surroundings.

I really don't go out that much dude,
Becoming more unsocialable than I already am.

I have to do those mountain of shi-- assignments......
Good bye, world......

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