29 August 2009


it's almost the same like my last week and last two weeks
it's been a crazy, tiring, boring, and an annoying week
i shouldn't complain, i know. but yeah, i always complain

now, i never wanna think about that guy anymore
whatever, just do what he likes. i don't even care.
i shouldn't even fall in "love" with him

ok, from now on, i should think about the POSITIVE.
i'll keep SMILING, LAUGH,
and keep on living.

18 August 2009

today's post

DUDE, i think we're OKAY now.
well, that's based on my view. -____-
aarrgh! one problem gone, now another one is coming
i don't think i want to actually fall in love with that guy again
but, man! the way he looked at me!!! *blushing*


what should i do what should i do?!!

17 August 2009

today is 17 August 2009

First i want to tell you that i'm not really a historical and nationalism girl.
but here it is. 64 years ago on this day, my country has liberated (independent).
they survived from the suffering and it's so touching when you REALLY think about it.
i never really remember the name of our patriot, but i know that they are a big person.
and yeah, the point is that i can live on this very same day with a smile on my face :D
thanks God for that, and thanks God i'm Indonesian.
thanks God to, for another year He gave to my dad
i'm hoping from this day onwards my country will be better

*sampah semua yg gw ketik (ahahhaha)

and i'm hoping everything will be much more better when i come to school tomorrow

16 August 2009

oh God, what should i do?

forgiving someone is not easy. especially if that someone really hurt you.
but, that someone is one of your "most important person'
so what to do?

oh man, this week sure is hard.
it ain't easy to be a human. because sometime we DO act like a bastard.

i need to choose between angel and demon -__-
but the demon is not something easy to ignore.

10 August 2009


there's so many questions going on in my head. well, here goes..

1. WHY are my class really hot
2. WHY couldn't she stop act like that?!
3. WHY do we need to go back so late just because we're in our last year of junior high school
4. WHY can't i get away from my laptop and study for tomorrow test.
5. WHY the hell am i writing this things?

i never really care about what's going on around me, but this time, that GIRL who's in the same school as me, really ANNOYS me.
this is my first time writing in blog for such a long time. i think i shouldn't write like this, but well..

oh yeah, and the thing i really want to proclaim is: I FINALLY BE ABLE TO FORGET HIM
of course it's thanks to the long holiday, i never see him again so much. hahahaha...
now i'm perfectly fine. :D

but school IS a little bit boring without you loving someone (that's my opinion).
that's all for this time. until next time, blog! (i really mean NEXT time.)

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