24 July 2010


wow, i choosed a bad title didn't i? but whatever. oh man, how long is it since the last time i updated my blog? hahaha... okay, let me explain to everyone that's reading my post: the internet in Indonesia SUCKS REAL BAD. no lie.
okay so i've started my school from like what? 2 weeks ago? yea something lah
the first day: HARSH.
you know what, i gotta hold my tears from the morning till evening. everything is just so different. i don't think i'm ready to adapted myself. it's just, aaaaaaaaaaaaah.. the class, the teachers, the lessons, the classmates. oh God..
I always try my best to keep contacting with my friends, because you know what? i'm afraid.
i'm not afraid of them forgetting me.
but what i'm really afraid of is that i will be the one who forget them.
i don't know, i just can't imagine if someday i won't care even if they're online, i won't care a damn thing to wrote on their wall, i won't miss them anymore.

that is what i'm really afraid of.

that's why i think i never opened up with my classmates here, i don't wanna talk with them. because if i found one or more of them that is kinda fun and cool to be friends with, i might have don't have this feeling of missing KL anymore.


no. i won't let that happened. even if i have new friends here, i won't forget them.
what my best friends in KL gave me is not only happiness. we've been through a lot of things. and you won't understand it. IT'S.A.LOT. we've been through hard times, good times, BAD times, stupid lessons, stupid stuff, stupid game, stupid talks, cool friendship, bad friendship, feeling of hating, feeling of loving. oh God there's too many :'(

the fact that i won't forget is: our family. Ilegall (apa Illegal?) family. it doesn't matter if even all of them forget about that. i love them. i used to think the word "love" is merely a word. but know, this word "love" can make me cry for the whole week. it gave me this great feeling of missing. the longing that made both of my eyes and heart hurts.

i don't know what to do if one day they forget about me. wait, maybe a suicide?

08 July 2010


I've got a looooot of new story and i am about to write it in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Actually this is not my plan. absolutely not. i still haven't figured out the hairstyle. just for your information, i like to follow my idols hairstyle and then adjust it to my face and changed it a little bit here and there. BUT my hair was so long a few days ago (to be exact: tuesday) and my mom won't tolerate this inappropriate behavior (lebay -__-)
So, on Tuesday 6th of July, at around 11.30 am my mom forced me to go with her to the salon. i think i still can find my way out of it in the salon. BUT you really can't get away from your mom. as soon as we stepped into the salon, she told the hairstylist
"She's going to have a haircut." -__________-
*dan gw lngsng cemberut sampe selese potong rambut*
at first i don't think it will turn out good, because it's just the same as my old haircut and it's so double lame. but yea it turned out pretty good. so here you go:

okay, to the next stories

where am i? where am i? answer! answer! yup malaysia it is. let's start with the good things: i'm going to meet my friends again, i'm going to release my stress here, i have a super fast internet, i have my old room, i have ktm rather than angkot or becak. and so! to the baaaaaad thing: i missed my first day at school! how cool was that? i have no friends there, i have no idea where is my chair and table, i have no idea who's the teacher is, i have no idea about the subjects and stuffs, i SERIOUSLY know nothing about that school and it's system of teaching -_- i'm panic. oh wait, not just the first day. but also the 2nd, 3rd, and the 4th. HAHA

the good thing about my class and what's inside it is: there's not a lot of chinese people. no hard feelings! what i'm trying to say is, not everyone can speak chinese and write chinese. JUST LIKE ME! so i'm not all that worried about chinese lesson (oh yea how if everyone turns out to be chinese geniuses? i'm dead) the bad thing is: IT'S ON THE FIFTH FLOOR. AND NO LIFT. AND TO GET TO THE FIFTH FLOOR, YOU NEED TO USE THE SIDE LADDER, NOT THE MAIN ONE!!!!!! wherever i am, my classroom is always out of the sight -_-

more stories? STAY TUNED with me, IRENE, on irene is kyuhyun lover ciao!
*apedah -______-*

04 July 2010

First Time Grey

sori kalo gw rada lebay, tapi beginilah Irene kalo ada hal2 baru di kehidupannya hehe :D
this is my preparation for being a Senior High School student

Tas baru (check)yg paling gw suka dr tas ini, bawah nya ada tmpt buat sepatu. mantep ga tuh

Sepatu baru (check)

Seragam SMA (check)kgk pake dasii T_T

Hape baru (check)

Secara material:

yak, post gw gitu doang hehe

03 July 2010


Almost all of the people i met IS a traitor.
I'm sick of it.
sick of the fake smiles, fake laugh, fake tears, fake jokes, and yea fake friendship.
do you think i don't have any heart?
well now i'm telling you: I HAVE HEART.
i really think that we're like "forever best friends" but D'OH
you don't even trust me and you ask me to do that?!

my life is pathetic. maybe i don't deserve to have any friends. maybe i'm supposed to be alone.
so, bye now. i hope i'll never see you again.

it's July and i have lost all my new spirit to go to school. just a few days ago i am soooo happy and excited and enjoying my self here. but now? i don't know where that spirit went.
back to the not-in-the-mood-for-anything irene

PS: i REALLY hope i'll never see you again

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