03 July 2010


Almost all of the people i met IS a traitor.
I'm sick of it.
sick of the fake smiles, fake laugh, fake tears, fake jokes, and yea fake friendship.
do you think i don't have any heart?
well now i'm telling you: I HAVE HEART.
i really think that we're like "forever best friends" but D'OH
you don't even trust me and you ask me to do that?!

my life is pathetic. maybe i don't deserve to have any friends. maybe i'm supposed to be alone.
so, bye now. i hope i'll never see you again.

it's July and i have lost all my new spirit to go to school. just a few days ago i am soooo happy and excited and enjoying my self here. but now? i don't know where that spirit went.
back to the not-in-the-mood-for-anything irene

PS: i REALLY hope i'll never see you again

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