25 September 2009

back to malay

heyyo bloggers, i'm back at malaysia.
that means, my lovely dovey vacation is over -___-
need to go back to school, study, and all of that
but, i think i really need to be more serious, dude.
this is all for my dream, and the only person who can make the dreams come true, is me.
need to study harder, and decrease my playing hours.

wish me luck. (good luck!)

19 September 2009

oh man, this is so funny

hey ya all. have you guys heard about that news that involved Taylor Swift, Kanye West, and Beyonce? well, here's a video response about it on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHK08dTlxNw)
it's so damned funny. well, that's all. enjoy your weekend!

16 September 2009

Indonesia (bandung, cilacap, and jogja)

hey hey.. forgot to open my blog here. hehe
i'm having my holiday here, at indonesia (bandung) only with my older brother and my nephew and cousin.
we arrived at bandung on 12 September.
now i'm currently at cilacap and tomorrow i'm going to jogja!
omg, i'm so happy right now, but i miss my mom, dad, and my little brother too. hiks.
well blog, that's all for now.

06 September 2009

another thanks for both of them.

should i write about the last thing i do?
well, i just woke up from my beautiful sleep :)
now, i don't know what should i write but i really think i need to update my blog

oh yeah! i'm coming back to Indonesia, spesificly, Bandung
i'll be meeting my dearest little cousin
omg i can't wait!!!!
it is sad to leave my mom and little brother here, but it is super exciting to go to bandung only with my oldest brother.

oh man, finally.
you guys know what? i just had a very nice talk with two of my friend.
thanks to them, last night i'm able to smile and laugh so carefree. thanks dude!
sorry for all the trouble that i had done

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