28 September 2013


It's funny how we could be so wrong about people.
Or we could really see how they truly are just by a month.
I never considered myself as a nice person. No.
I just keep my promises. When i promised something, i keep it.
Even when i have to wait for half an hour or an hour, i'll keep it.
I know that some people are not as mature as, well, me.
But acting like an asshole is not right even if you're a kid.
If we could just cut off our relation with other people, just like with a snap of a finger, oh how i'd love to break it apart.
Not just once.
I can understand if you took credit for what i taught you. I could understand you want to be seen as a smart KID.
But then again, i just want to say, you suck.
Oh please, if you want to stab someone, don't stab them in the back. Just face them head on.
Keep acting like that, it's fine.
It won't change my attitude towards you, i ain't gonna make myself a jackass because of some kid. Nope, i will still just be me.
I will always keep my promises
But fyi, i will never consider backstabber as a friend. Not now, not ever.

Geez, what a kid.

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