21 April 2010

Fun Overload.

well, this is my 60th post :D
I'm going to tell you about today.
Today, our school celebrated the Kartini's Day. So, everyone must wore batik (you know, that cool patterns on the shirt or skirt, or pants from Indonesia). The only problem is: I don't have any.
my Mom have one, but... well, it's mommy style you know. and then I got this idea: LET'S TOOK IT FROM MY BROTHER'S WARDROBE. and so I opened his wardrobe, and the music plays in the back of my head when I found it. Yea, so today I wore my brother's batik. lol.
and school is so much fun today! we took a pictures together with our lovely Math teacher :D we've done a LOT of mistake to her. hahaha..

It's me on the right :D

And then, because none of us wore uniform, WE CAN GO TO CC! hahahaha.. but I didn't play CoD today. I just hang around with them, because I'm too lazy to play CoD. here's some pic:

And then, well.. I went home with Fatina, Retna, and Yanti (Retna's lil sister).

now, about tomorrow, our plan is:
1. Skip school
2. Go to Kuala Lumpur station
3. Go to Sunway Pyramid
4. Eat
can't wait. it must be a lot of fun. hehe.. too bad Belin can't go with us.

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