02 April 2010

Guess what

I made a "To-Do List" and I put it on my desk. I promise myself that I must finished the essay for the English's Practice Exam and the speech for the English Conversation's. And I want to search a News Topic for the Indonesian's Practice Exam, that me and Belin will record tomorrow. And to memorize the songs for the Art Class.
but, of course.
I haven't done any of that. So what did i do? I woke up at 7 am (yea, crazy), went straight to my desk, make the "TO DO LIST" and brought a sheet of papers with me to the dining table, put it there, turned on my Mother's laptop. And when the laptop is turned on,
the DISASTER came.
I connected it to the internet. Typed www.facebook.com and.. I played games. maybe around 10 i helped my mom a little bit with chores, and then i play the online games that I'm kinda into right now. the site is www.mmog.asia and the game called Boomz. And then I got tired. well, my eyes got tired, and so i closed it. and i took my lil' bro's netbook, and I watched a movies.
I watched "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" which is terrific, touching, and entertaining. And then I watched "Journey to the Center of the Earth" which is WOW.
and now me, my mom, and my lil' bro is going to watch our Sherlock Holmes collection dvds.

When will i get the TO DO LIST done? dunno.

I'm off!

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