08 April 2010

Blog Award

First thing first : Thank you
Thank you Farah for giving me this opportunity :P kinda "lebay" i know.
well, i just realized that Nanda also gave me the same award (sorry, sis!) and i wanted to say thank you too. It's seem that only "thank you" is not enough, but that's all i can say :(
Well, i guess i need to pass this award. so here's the LUCKY person :)

1. Farah Savira
2. Delannoy Belin
3. Vinca Rosea
4. Nadia Mahendrati
5. Retnali Sutardjo

And FYI, they're all my best friends :D

I just found out something important (only Indonesian can read this!) : UJIAN PRAKTEK lebih susah daripada UAN wooy!!! apalagi UAS ntar. mati aja gw!!!
okay, something new from me: this week is the worst. not because of the exam, but because of my mood. oh God, i ruined everything. I feel like I'm being so childish while everyone is well.. you can say care about me (ha. ha. pede gila) and yea, it's like I'm doing something really REALLY very extraordinary BAD. T____T I'm crying.
Sorry. I'm sorry. I'm very sorry. you guys don't know how sorry I am. I feel like throwing myself into the big hole so that no one can see me ever again.


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