10 April 2010

okay, i get it.

Okeh. thing's can't get any worst right?
yes, it's true. i don't like you anymore
but why? i don't need it anymore. your excuse.
just leave me. leave me alone like we didn't know each other
i know. i know you're lying
all of it. all of your words, none of them is true
thanks. thank you for all you've done.

Thank you for the beautiful lies. I really hope everything will be better for you :)

now, talking about my feelings
i feel like I'm becoming so weird. towards 'him'
you know, him.

I'm truly weird

i should've not said that. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
now i want to scream like hell.
you keep ruining my days

please forgive me. today's post is just... lame



retnakudo said...

what happen ren?

Farah Savira said...

reeen kenapa? tell me if you want :)

me, myself and Irene said...

thank you far <3 hehehe gitu deh ret :(

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