20 April 2010

My Bro

Now that I think about it more, I really miss my brother T__T
I always feel something is missing and that is my brother
I want to spent more time with him :(
and I will.
I will treasure every moment I have with him.
my bro, I.... *ekhem* love you :D

Today I chatted with him and I felt happy :)
well, can't wait until he returns home
His status in YM is this: "Rumah Sakit" (Hospital in English) and then I asked him: are you in the hospital? and then he said: make it in English but per word.
Rumah = Home ; Sakit = Sick
So his status is: Home Sick
Yea, creative.
That's my bro for sure :D



Adani Ardhanareswari said...

and i will miss my brother too kak :(
we have a same condition :D

Irene Debora Meilisa S said...

iya nih dan... hiks.. pasti sepi ntar rmh :(

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