15 April 2010

i missed it.

So, today i supposed i should sent my brother to the airport. you know what? this is the first time my brother won't be with us. He's going alone. and so, I need to ask for permission for my little brother because he still got one more subject. and this is when the hard part came. I hate it. WHY? I don't know that asking for permission is this hard. Hello! I'm trying to catch the train! they are some people that didn't REALLY understand about this matter. I WANT TO SENT MY BROTHER. and so what happened? I didn't sent him. there's no way that we can catch the train and went to the airport. yeah, so that's why I cried today on my way home. I mean, this is the first time that I won't see my brother for almost more than a week. I'm so embarrassed because some of my friends is at the station too. and, I'm the kind of people who WILL cry more if someone try to calmed me down. so, rather than going there and greeted them, I sat at the stairs. but then one of them came. I'm really sorry. It's so foolish of me. And I can't tell him the reason why i cried at that time because I WILL definitely cry harder. and I told him to go away. so he left. but then the 2 girls came. well, i just wanna say: Thank you. they cheered me up. and then the others is walking my away and i just said that i don't want them to see me like this and so the girls cast them out. kinda. hahaha... I'm really thankful because I have a caring friends like them. oh no, the tears is pouring down again

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