03 April 2010

Craziness. Mood: down

today is a total madness.
I went to school at 9 because we still have this extra class for the normal school exam: UAS
nothing special i guess. except that ira (my "mommy") wore uniform, while the others didn't. and ipank wore sandals. the teachers is killing us. we're so damn hungry, you know.
from 9 am to 1.45 pm we didn't have any break.
so when the class finished, we went straight to the mall and went to the food court. but then, because me and belin thought the food will take a long time until it's ready, we went to the bookstore. I bought 4 books and belin bought 2. I think we didn't took so much time, but when we get back to the others, they finished eating. damn.
yea so we eat and we eat. there's still some of them with us. yea, thanks guys.
and then, this is when the THINGS happened.
but because it's so mad, and it involves many people's life (okay it's kinda over) i can't post it without their agreements. so, yea. let's wait.

hmm.. today i don't know why (well, i guess i know why) I'm depressed. my mood just blew up. maybe I'm the one that ruins my own mood. anyway, it's depressing :(


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