14 April 2010

this is

FREEDOM. oh God, thank you so much. I don't care as long as I passed the exam. all that exam.

And now, muahahahahahaha... the time to play has come! I WILL play. all game that I know and I (my brother) have. I won't touch my books. nor will I look at it.

Today.. hmmm what about today? well, I play Call of Duty again. last time I played for 1 hour. and this time? 1 and a half. wooo hooo! victory. what? no. nothing victory.

Kinda sad today. and bad mood again. well, the bad mood is not that bad. but it is bad.

I think I should be more hyper because all my exam has ended, but nope. I don't feel like it.

again this thing crossed my mind
I really think I can trust my friend
well, trust is not so important I guess
Am i the only one who care about this?
About the our-ness of us?
Then it's USELESS
I should have noticed it from the beginning
it is useless. trash. junk

ps: doli, oh doli.

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