11 April 2011

random feelings

01. i miss them so much today, more than any other day.

02. i missed it. i missed that moment when he walk past by my class. i wasn't looking at the window FOR.JUST.ONE.SECOND. and i didn't saw him at all for the rest of the day.

03. super thinking hard.

yea, what's that supposed to mean? then what about Ronaldo? i think it's almost 6 months ._.


you know, this past few days i've been extremely sad, depressed, over-thinking, feeling lonely a.k.a "GALAU"
just because of this one person/man/boy/crush/the person i kinda love rite now. i took a risk. but maybe it's not risky enough, though -_-
i sent him a message via FB. and when i look at the date, i sent it on 31st of March 2011. HAHA. what date is it today? yea, 11th of APRIL 2011. and he haven't replied yet. maybe he won't.
everything will be so awkward anyway if he replied. i mean it's so yesterdaaaaaaaaaaaay. he probably would just click the button "delete" and act like he never read that super-extremly-stupid-and-awkard message.

people makes me "galau", sammy makes me "galau", my bff makes me "galau". hhhhh why haven't there come anything that makes me happy?
i'm trying to remember the best day that ever happened to me.
but all i can see is your smile.
you know, he have dimple when he's smiling. and that's like SUPER CUTE.
but, i never saw him smiling when he's not with his friend. well that's actually makes sense, because if he smiles while walking alone and nobody is around him, wouldn't that make him, like, a freak?
but, even though he's not smiling, he look so cool.
but, then again, he never looked at me.
he never noticed me.
i'm just "somebody"

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