20 May 2013

Let It Slide

"It's time to draw the line
To draw the fire
Why'd you never know?
The time to let go
The time to move aside
To let it slide"

So, today I decided to see my story from a third-person point of view.
Sometimes we get excited for nothing simply because we thought it means something.
Anyway, what happened today made me think that I need to see things from a different point of view.
Today he really moved to our building, along with all of my other friends.
During recess, I accompany Ciripah to buy drinks and snacks.
When we got back to our building, I already saw him from afar. He's just with one other friend (whom I know). Let's just say this dude like Ciripah.
Well, since I noticed them already, I walked behind Ciripah. And Mr.H too was walking behind this dude.
so this dude (I guess it's really rude for me to keep calling him 'this dude', but too many names involved would be a problem) greeted us.
"Hai Zeniva, Hai Irene.." begitulah
terus gw bales, sambil senyum lah pastinya "Haaaaaaaiii..."
dan gw ngeliet ke arah dia juga kan sekalian. dan dia jg senyum (walau gak tau senyum ke siapa)

dan yeah, gitu doang. makanya gw bilang gw mencoba melihatnya dari sudut pandang orang ketiga.
emang gak ada apa-apa.
dan sepertinya gak bakal terjadi apa-apa.

this time, i really think i should just let it slide.
it's been fun and exciting, but this is as much as i could take.
it's going nowhere.
how could i not know that?
i guess i know, but i keep on hoping that there's something more beneath all of this.
like, sometime, i think about why he never changes his bag. i said to myself that he ought to have another bag and so why does he keep on wearing that bag. it's not in a very good condition anymore anyway.
but then
it is not impossible for him not to have any other bag. i mean, my brother too, only wore the same bag over and over again.
I'm the one who keep on making excuses.
I'm the one who keep on wearing the same bag as him though i have lots of other bags.
I guess it's just human nature, to keep on hoping on something based on their wildest imagination.
but right now, it hurts.
since i really really really open my eyes this time. 

Friend, there's nothing there
You're clinging on to air
You're reaching back
To something that

You never had

So, yeah, please wish me luck. this is embarrassing... i think i'm just desperate.

therefore, i'll just focus on studying.
i will not let my feelings rise.
not again.

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