11 May 2013


Thank you God for another year.
for another year i could spend with my family and friends.
thank you for all the people you put in my life,
for all the time we could spend together.
i am glad to have friends that have mutual feelings with me.
we may not chat that often, hell, we may only talk when it's my birthday or theirs
but anyway anyhow, all those wishes... they mean so much to me.
i realized now that the most important thing is the wishes though.. the sincere feeling you got from them. the fact that in 365 days of their life they could remember a day that is so important to me.
i really think that it's the most wonderful feeling in the world.
i'm just glad to be surrounded by these people

and todaaaaaay is special.. every day should be special though.. but anywaay
my mom and lil bro tried to make a surprise for me but it undergoes quite an epic failure..
but it's really cute.. and the cake, the cake though... it's so cute i don't even think i could eat it..
and then well, i had my try out in cram school.. i actually arrived late but it went quite well i guess..
and theeen i went out to the mall with ciripah and we met monik and dilla there.
it's my first time meeting dilla in person but it's really fun.. no awkward thingy and all (okay maybe there was just  a little)
it's really fun though we didn't actually do anything. we just wandering around the mall and sit and wander and sit...
monik's gift is really cute.. it's a lunch box nik, it's stated on the box lol..
well, here are some pictures we took todayy~

well okay i should probably study for tomorrow's TO ~_~
wish me luck! bzzzt

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