14 February 2010


I've just heard Julian Casablancas - 11th Dimension song.
and there's a tiny part of the lyric that makes me realized what should I do

"Forgive them even if they're not sorry"

that's absolutely what I want to do right now.
no matter how many bad things they talked about me
I'll try. because I have my friends behind me and God in front of me.
the clock is ticking, can't waste anymore time

and I hope all of my friends will forgive all my selfishness in this blog.
thank you for your concern, your care, your patient, your love.
if something that i wrote here hurt you guys, I'm sorry.
trust me, I never and will never hate you guys.
that kind of thinking never even crossed my mind.
even "him" that i don't like anymore only got to "the people i don't like" list.


no matter what they did to me, or what he did, or what she did, never affect me to hating them.
I'll think about the positive.

because i still have you


vinca said...

aaa i love that song too ren, kapan2 kita joget2 pake lagu itu hahahaha

me, myself and Irene said...

yoi pink. itu wajib. wkwkwk

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