06 February 2010


it's been a very looooooong time no blogging.
you know what? today i feel so happy.
somebody made my heart beats so fast.
but at the same time, i also feel furious.
she made me furious.
she's jealous. i know. but, well. it's not like she loves him
she said she didn't.

i know you do. just tell me. if you do, then i'll stay away from him
because it's not like i'm in love with him. it's just that i fell KINDA like him
he's so nice to me. and the way he look into my eyes just makes me feel like dying.
today he did it to me.
he looked me in the eyes. and i can feel my face is red-ing. so i just bent my head.
i know that it's never gonna happen. me and him. it's so not gonna happen
he didn't likes me. i know

well, for now i'm glad i can see him everyday
i'm happy whenever he talks to me
i'm happy whenever i see his smile
i'm dying when he looked me in the eyes
i'm jealous when he is with her.

and i'm really happy when she's jealous of me.

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