13 February 2010


you have just made yourself ranked 1 in my "the people i don't like" list.
you sucks. i don't even know why i ever THINK that i like you.
how can a guy act like a girl? s-t-u-p-i-d.
i don't hate you. no. but i REALLY
REALLY REALLY don't like you.
go to hell. i don't even want to talk to you. even seeing you grossed me out.

and YOU too. you. the people i think I'm close with. i don't wanna hate you. so, I'll forgive you. but i can't promise that I will act the same like before. it's hurting me really deep down inside.

but, "you" made me smile today. you are so nice to me. and you guys cheer me up. thank you so much. and last but not least, another you. thank you thank you thank you. i don't know what else to say. i never even thought that you will sit with me. but you did. it's not that i like you. but i don't hate you. of course i don't. and you are so cute today :)

people, what i wanna say today is: never really believe in someone. you might have a lot of friend. and a people that you like. and the people that you look up to. but, only a few IS a true friend, true caring friend, true love, and a true people that you should look up to.

good luck with whatever you did today :D

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