16 February 2010

Quickie Post

DANG! I haven't study. I spend the last 3 or 4 hours watching 2009 Mnet Asian Music Award.
Luckily the first day of try out is Indonesian and English. I just need a good night sleep for that (phew, I think I'm a little bit too overconfident)

and what am I doing still typing in this blog?
why can't I get out from this misery (internet stuff) and go to the bright future (studying)?

I'm running out of time, yet I still didn't touch those books.
I'm running out of ideas, yet I still can't get my hands off this keyboard.

okay, seriously. I need to end this quickly or things will get worst.
I don't want my score to get down. and I don't want to disappoint my Mom and Dad.

bye, blog. MAYBE (but it's only a tiny chance) I wont update you for three days.

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