26 June 2011

Long Break

Okay, how's holiday? Mine WAS fine,
I went to Bandung, Jakarta, Bandung again, Cilacap, Jogja, Bandung again, and then back to Medan.
The trouble is right now.
I'm in medan again, and my parents suddenly (well, not really) decided to renovate the house.
Jadi ya lu bayangin lah men. Balik2 setengah rmh gw bolong ._.
Dan gilaaaaaaaa rumah gw isinya debu. Sumpah debu.
Paling parah itu ruang tamu, soalnya masih kyk setengah jadi gt kan, jendela nya blm dipasang.
Jadi pas gw lg nyapu tu ruangan, gw ga bs napas. Pernah ga sih ke sauna? Tau kan rasanya klo ud terlalu lama di dalem, terus rasanya sesak ga bs napas soalnya ruangannya penuh sama udara panas? Nah gitulah di ruang tamu gw, tp bukan krn udara panas, debu.
But it's fun...
Well, we look as if we're going to move out.
We took out all of our books from the wardrobe, and the put it in a big boxes
And that IS tiring
After that, me and my brothers took a break from house, and went to my father's campus to practice our driving skills again.
And then we went back home, struggling to move the BIG wardrobe and now, here i am. Me shirt is super wet and i'm struggling. Should i take a bath? Well, i think i need to. But, yeah give me some more time
You wanna look at my "future" house? Well, you probably don't, but here it is anyway.
This is going to be my future room.

yeah, it's currently used to hang our laundry -_-
This is going to be my brothers's

And this is goung to be our new entrance.

The wall behind it? It's my room. Yeah, my beautiful room. They're going to break that down too. But not until the new rooms are finished.
I really love my room ya know. I mean, the room is really totally blue-ish, but they're going to paint the new room of mine with blue color too, so it's fine.
This time i'm going to hang all of the posters i've kept kekeke~
ah, i can't wait.

You think what's the connection from the title?
Well, i want to take a break from this cyber world.
I'ma deactivated my facebook acc, abandoned my twitter, and leave this blog to hibernate.
You'll see me sometimes on Tumblr.
Oh, and i also will turn off both of my cellphones. I'm kinda allergic to people this days.
Maybe i'll turn it on once a week or maybe not.
I don't really know why i did this. Maybe because i want to see who's going to miss me haha
Nah, i think i want to get used to it, since i want to start studying more serious in 11th grade.
Sammy will be hibernating for a long time too.
Yeah, so... That's that. Bye.

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