10 June 2011

quick post

okay, i gotta keep you up to date with 19.
so, the other day (well, long, long, long ago) i asked my friend to wall 19
it's nothing actually. i just wanna make sure that he picked science for 11th grade
and so he asked,
and he answered.
he said yes, he did choosed science
and my friend so stupidly asked his number. wkwkkwkwk
he said he doesn't have cellphone anymore.
he lost his cellphone. and he won't got another cellphone until like, 11th grade.
and the way he replied to my friend's wall was so so so so so so so so adorable.

and this happened yesterday.
i was stalking his facebook account, and somehow i got to the-indian-boy-i-mention-quite-a-few-time facebook account. it's private. but that's not the point. you see, his profile picture, got 19 in it. and not in the uniform, oh no, but in white shirt and short pants. WHITE SHIRT AND SHORT PANTS.


i really want that picturee!!! but how the hell can i get it. because adding him (the indian boy) will be quite.......................

and thus, the end of my post

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