19 June 2011


so people, i've been playing The Sims 3 in my cousin's laptop.
yeah, that thing really is addictive.
while playing that game, i learned a lesson.
you know how in The Sims we always need to mantain our relationship with our friends? or our lover and our family.
without reliazing it, i feels pissed off. why do we always need to be in contact with them so they'll stay as our friend?
and i really lost a lot of friends in that game, since i am too busy thinking about my life, my career.
but you know what the irony is?
my sim just got depressed for 24 hours.
and then she just felt like usual again.
i wonder if that's also that easy in real life
if you lost your friend/s, of course at first you'll feel depresed. but then time pass, you got busy with your whole new world without your friend/s. you'll eventually MOVE ON.
you'll forgot about your friend/s sooner or later.
it didn't even crossed your mind anymore to chat them, let alone text them

relation IS complicated.

but you know what? if they're worth fighting for, they'll try to mantain your relationship.

so if they don't, just the hell with them

no, don't force that "how are you?" to them if you don't give a fuck
don't told them "i miss you so much!" if their name didn't popped out in your head EVERY TIME.
don't even dare to gave them even the slightest care if you're forcing it.

anyway, beware of fakers. they're everywhere. feel it with your heart, and you'll know who's real.

aaah, i hope ending a relationship with people is as easy as farting.

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