02 August 2011

i know,

i know, it's been more than a month since my last post...
wkwkwk.. i just don't know what to write.
it's been kinda quiet (READ: extremely busy) days.. but now, i've got several things to announce.

I quit, I give up from liking 19.
well, now that i've became an 11th grader, i don't see him that much ._.
you know, my class is on the 1st floor, while his is on the 4th floor. of course, every recess i went to the 4th floor to see my old clasmates (i even think they got sick of seeing my face LOL) but he's always, like ALWAYS, inside of his classroom.
and even when i happened to came accros him on the stairs or wherever, my heart doesn't beat that fast anymore... it's just like POOF! all the feelings just disappear.
no more feelings, just memories.

i do hope you guys still remember Ronaldo.
yeah.... he's so hot.
like, totally. now he's a 10th grader, and his class is on the same floor like my friends. and him wearing a high school uniform is like oh my gawddd..
but don't worry, we don't like him like the old time anymore.. it's really just like a refreshment for our eyes. and he already got a person he likes.
sometimes we saw him after our extra class because he entered one too.. yeah, his appearance is flawless. too bad his personality sucks.

I'm in love with this newbie boyband called Teen Top they just released they 1st mini album, and all of their songs is just......

this is the one that i really love

his full name is Ahn Daniel, they just called him Niel. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa~
another one is him:

he's more like the manly type you know? his name (well, his stage name) is L.Joe

lastly, SUPER JUNIOR IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
they just released their 5th album. oh GAWWWWWWWWWWWWDD

yeah, wicked.

there's this translation of a song that i just read. the title is "Good Friends"
this is the part that kinda got me:

I was so tense the first day. I wasn’t able to say anything.
At that time I never thought we would have so many days together.

aaaand this:

There will come a day when we will have to separate.
We might not be able to see one another.
When that happens, our memories will give us strength until the day we are able to meet again.

Truly, I hope me and my best friends can do that. I hope we'll have a long relationship together. I hope my child/children can meet them, and I'll introduce them as my very best friends. And I miss them a lot.

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