25 August 2010

New Chapter

i guess this is it.
i just realized that maybe I'm the only one who haven't start moving on with my new life here.
and now that i've got my sense back, i'll try to do just that.
won't forget the old beautiful memories. of course i won't. no one can replace them.
but i know now that i have good friends too here.
so i need to let them go.
they have their own life now.
we have two completely different sky now.
i don't really like that fact, but it is the fact.
there's no WE anymore.
just me and THEM.
not the part of their life anymore.
i'm probably being too dramatic. but that's how i feel.
i think i understand now, how does it feels to be apart.
i said goodbye, but that's not goodbye.
i still haven't let them go.
so now, i'm saying this without holding back.

good bye my best friends.
i love you all.

for me love is not just between two persons anymore.
this pure love that i felt is the most beautiful feeling, and i got it from all my friends.

IX A 2009/2010 always in my heart...


Farah Savira said...

Ren, we have the same brain & feelings. I felt that way too. Pas kita mesti mengikhlaskan sesuatu pergi. Emg susahnya minta ampun, tp inilah faktanya. I agreed with that words "there's no WE. Just me and THEM". But I thought I'll be replace, with someone else :'(

Irene Debora said...

iya far.. it's really hard to let them go. yea "there's no WE. Just me and THEM" itu fakta yg paling bikin gw nyesek far.. bener banget! itu hal yg paling gw takutin. rasanya ga adil aja, soalnya buat gw mrk ga ada penggantinya.tp gw kyknya gmpng bgt digantiin.

nadia said...


Irene Debora said...


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