11 January 2013

Surprise, surprise..

I told you on my last post about the guy in my cram school.
Guess what, he DID have different days from mine.
Mine are tuesday, thursday and saturday while his were monday, wednesday and friday.
Well when i went to the class on Tuesday, sure enough, he was not there. Quite dissapointed, i was. But anyway i already saw this coming.
But then the pleasant surprise came on thursday.
I really have given up all hope that i'd be able to see him again. And one more time when the attendance list was being passed around, i didn't saw his name.
I sat on the second row on the left side only with ciripah.
And then recess came.
Me and ciripah sat for a little longer until the whole class is only 4 people left including us.
We are still not comfortable with our new class, though almost half of it is from our old classmate.
When we have reached the door, i suddenly turned around.
I saw his bag (me and him have the same bag by the way). My heart really went crazy.
I grabbed ciripah's hand and made her look at that bag.
I guess she just don't want me to get my hopes up since we did not see his name on the attendance, so she said maybe someone else have the same bag.
Well that is possible
But at that time i got my hope up a little bit,
But then again, when we went out, he's not on his usual seat. There's this "chair" that he and his friends would sit, it's near a tree wkwkwk...
So by that time, my hope really lost.
We were about to buy some snacks but there are a lot of people, i mean guys, over there that we decided to went back inside.
When the lesson starts again, my hope came back. And whenever the door opened up, i looked back.
I think it's like the fourth of fifth time when the door opened up that he finally showed up.
I am not wrong. It really is his bag.
I cannot believe my eyes, though it really happened.

Still, better not get my hopes up, cause maybe he just went to that class as a make-up class when he didn't come on monday (my friend said that).

Though he's quite bald now...............................

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