18 December 2012

superstitious or just plain stupid

[quickie post]

i had a dream, last night.
it was about this boy in my cram school
since i'm in the middle of exam week, i've skipped a class.
and today i'm supposed to skip another class too.
but then, the dream happened.
it's a really short dream (well, actually it's quite long but the rest of the dream was total rubbish)
and so in that dream i met my old friend in junior high.
and we're sort of in my friend's car, with a few more people too.
and the weirdest thing happened
my friend told me, "he really wants to see you."
the 'he' stated there was the name of the boy in my cram school.

 i must've thinkng about it too much.
you know, i guess i'm the one who really wants to see him, and so my unconscious self must have made that story up.
but you know, i mean, after this i won't be able to see him again. in the next semester he would change his days. and so i really think today is going to be the last day i'll see him.
but then again, it's plain stupid right? believing in this thing we call heart.
and anyway none of my friends is going to the cram school -_-
i don't know, should i go? aarggggghhh

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