06 June 2012


from strangers -> friends -> best friends. and backwards the cycle repeats.

what is strangers? well, the definitions you'll probably get from dictionary are these: an outsider, and one who is neither a friend nor an acquaintance.

but for me, it's not that simple.

strangers could be:
- people who used to know each other so well, but then for some reason they got apart, move on with their lives, and didn't even remember the other person. and when at some point in their lives they passed each other, their brains won't recognize the other party.

- best friends that stop contacting each other because they don't have anything to talk about and their chats just turned to be awkward and meaningless and then stopped completely.
for this, i have an example.
back when i'm still like, what? first year of jhs, 
i have this best friend whom i really consider as an older sister.
there's even this friend of mine who thought we're REALLY sisters.
the world sure feels like ours.
and when she's going to move, we made this promise sort of contract.
that we will never forget each other
and when we're in the same country we shall meet.
we made the "rules" for our future meetings.
we signed it, and we even ask our moms to signed too.
for a few first years she moved,
we still talk
we still meet
we still care about each other
but then, slowly, she seems distant
i feel like she's so far away.
and just like that
it stopped

- strangers could also mean even though you're still friends, but the other party stop involving you in their life's matters :) you know, one thing about being friends for me, is that no matter how unimportant that thing is, no matter how meaningless it seems to be, you'll tell your friends. always. always. always. 
any unimportant matter in your life, you will definitely most probably always share it with your friends.

- uuh, and strangers could also mean the people in the background. yeah. they don't matter in your life, they didn't exist in your life. and even when they're gone, you don't even notice.
most of the times, i feel like this.
and mostly most of the times this feeling is for the person i like.
i'm more like the people who admire the person i like from far, far away.
therefore, i will always be invisible.
and mostly most from most of the times, that person know nothing about me and my existence

- and lastly, strangers could be someone we don't know anything about. nothing about their pasts, sometime not even their names, their occupations, nothing. but then, have such a big impact in our lives. this kind of strangers were destined to meet you by God. the little things strangers gave to you, could made your day. could safe your life. could torn you apart. could change your life.

and i shall close this post by quoting a lyric from Keane's Disconnected.

I feel like I just don't know you anymore
I've been wrong and I've been there too many times
We walk in circles
The blind leading the blind
We've been disconnected somehow

There's an invisible wall between us now
I've been wrong and I've been there too many times
We walk in circles
The blind leading the blind

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