06 May 2012

Heartache is one word to describe it.

makin so sweet aja di twitter..
dan btw gak ada update sama sekali di bbm, yg bener2 membuat gw yakin kalo gw udah di delete.

dia lagi nge fans sama One Direction which is very...... adorable.

pertama gini: dia nge RT tweet kwn nya. itu lirik lagu One Direction. ini tanggal 1 Mei

abis itu tgl 3 Mei

 another prove that he likes One Direction:

Dan ini 2 hari yg lalu, which is probably hari dia paling banyak nge twit selama gw nge-stalk dia

 these: doesn't make sense

 dan kemudian ini: so sweet.

dan ini kemaren:

ini so funny

 dan ini tweet dia hari ini:
btw, it's "they're" not "their"

 another prove that he likes One Direction

dan conversation ini made me laugh.

i guess what i'm trying to say at the end of this post is,
just because you like someone, doesn't mean you can't cheer them with the person they like, even though it wasn't you.
and anyway, it's not like he even know me -______-
bbm request gw di accept sama dia aja itu udah miracle banget.
dan mungkin itu kebetulan aja dia mmg lagi megang hape makanya gw langsung di accept
waktu gw nge add mmg gw masang foto gw sendiri. maksudnya ya supaya dia tau.
tapi terus,
emangnya peduli apa dia ngeliet display picture bbm gw?

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