06 March 2011

friendship rules (well, for me)

i guess friendship have rules.
even though it is not written, for me there are some unwritten rules.
and if you broke it, well dude, you are not my best friend anymore.
here are some of the rules ( i'll post the full one another time)
1. Best friend DOES NOT date best friend's ex.
it may sounds silly, but for me this is like the basic rule. even though your best friend does not like he/she anymore, you CANNOT date they're ex. trust me, it'll ruin your friendship sooner or later

2. If your bestfriend hates him/her , you SHOULDN'T be friends with them
it's true. no matter how nice they turned out to be, DON'T ever try to be more than acquaintance.

3. If your bestfriend is happy, you too.

4. If your bestfriend is sulking, let them be.
you just need to let them know that you are there for them

5. If somebody says bad things bout your bestfriend, slap them.

6. if in some point in your life you doubt your bestfriend, talk, chat, meet, or just text them
there are many times i doubted my best mate. i thought all sort of things that they already forgotten about me, or that they changed. but once we talked, or simply just chatted, i figured out how wrong i am

well, that's all for now. i have a mid semester examination tomorrow. and the first day is: PHYSICS

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