15 March 2010


did i said that yesterday is my last post? yes, i did. i'm sorry but i can't stand it.
today i heard 2 things that made me, well, happy. wait, very happy.
but at the same time, i'm scared.
i'm scared that all of it will be just another lie.
even when i already being told by my bf that i should forget about him, don't make the same mistake twice. BUT this is soo unexpected.
he's asking about me.
and i don't know why, i am so happy.
even though i didn't spoke a word to him
just being told that he's asking about me is enough.
and well, i texted him. told him to get well soon. so lame. yea but he replied thanks.

Today's fact:
  • there's a special reason why i didn't talk to him today. yea, i'm actually kinda j*****s. kinda.
  • i think i still have some feelings toward him. even if it's just a little bit.
  • i'm happy because of him
  • i'm scared because of him
  • he's so cute when he bent down his head. (omg, what did i just write?!)
  • my eyes can't stop searching for him
I guess a few more weeks and I'll be posting that i got heartbroken again by him. haha.
It's no good. I can't stop my heart from beating so fast when i'm near him. oh God. i'm such a dead person. i'm so weak. help me.
i like him

and i don't know what to do. yea, my friends, if you read this, please please please stay quiet. i'm begging you. i know that you guys know who's the person that i like. but let's just keep it as a secret
OUR secret ;)

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