14 March 2010

I Guess..

so, I have decided. I will not try the test to that High School, yet. I'll try it next year. It's okay. I want to spend some more time here with my friends and my Mom and my lil bro.
and after yesterday's chat, I'm fine :D It turns out like that, and well, I guess it's okay. Thank you again for my MVPs. Love you all.

"I Hate the way you stare at me, those eyes could start a fight"

took it from G Dragon - Heartbreaker english translation. lovin' it. because that is exactly how i felt. I have 14 more days before that seriously-pain-in-the-butt National Exam. And I guess this will be my last post for March. I'll be back on 1st April. Haha.. see you guys then!

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