11 March 2010

harsh week

dudes, when was the last time i wrote in this blog?
feels like so long time ago. time passed really TIRING. this week is filled with Try Out and it's friends. it's killing me. this passion to update my blog needed to be kept down.
but it's okay tomorrow all of it will be (almost) over.

i haven't post the family pictures yet. because we only got the time to take a pictures today. but my "Grandma" haven't posted it. it's okay, the first thing that i would do after the pictures is being uploaded, is posted it in this lovely blog.

oh God. something came up.like a thunder.suddenly.unexpected.haha..

"어떻게 내가 어떻게 그댈 사랑하게 됐는지 이상하죠"
*Uhttuhke naega uhttuhke geudael saranghage dwaenneunji isanghajyo*
>Why I don't know why, I think I've fallen for you<

I think the translation is not really correct, but yeah, whatever :P

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