12 May 2016

People do stupid things when they're in love

I heard those phrases often enough that i wonder how human brain actually works

The thing is, i think some people misunderstood the phrase and it pushes them to an extremely disturbing relationship
I think when people are in love the things they consider stupid are stupid for the fact that they have never encountered them before
It does not mean you should stick with someone who abuses you in a relationship or simply doesn't treat you right because you THINK you love them
That is not what the term 'stupid' means
At least that's what i think

Why do people let other people hurt them and still think that they're a good person?
Here's the fact:
I don't like being hurt and i thought other people feels the same, like it's a basic human emotion thingy
Yeah sure i know there are all sorts of people out there and some of them calls themself a masochist but
I still think that they don't actually want to get hurt hurt

At least i believe people has something like defense mechanism inside their brain somewhere
Whether it's for physical pain or mental pain

I honestly does not like being hurt
Like physically or mentally
Both has the same amount of pain to me
And being a coward such as me, i chose to run away from the people that might hurt me
The problem with that is i never know what lies on the other side
When you want to get something you might face all sorts of blunders but the reward you'll get at the end of the day is what keeps you going

The thing with love is: you don't know whether there'll be a 'reward' or if it's just gonna be a road full of pure pain

You don't know whether after all those desperate attempts it's going to be worth it
And so i have always choose the painless journey
The boring and calming journey
And i have never regret my decision of chosing them, at least not so far..
If it's about career i know i'll always have God at my side so i could still go on through all those rocky roads
But love...?

Maybe it's my mental age talking but i still don't see the need for me to be commited to another human being and spent most of my time with them
Like i just want to sleep and read and watch and enjoy my solitary in peace with a constant interruption from my family and friends

I honestly think this is not such a terrible way to live. Sure, it might be boring. But i like being boring. To the point where when people ask me what am i going to do this weekend they already have an answer on the back of their head

Ah, i bet she's going to spend the rest of the weekend reading and slacking around the house

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