29 July 2014


When was the last time I bought a romance novel?

Probably 5 or 6 years ago.

That was then.

Now is this.

When I saw this- this stack of papers glued on that yellow paper, I fell in love (if you could actually fall in love with a book).
Anyway, maybe it's the yellow colour or maybe it's the writing on the cover.

'A heartwarming everyday tale of boy stalks girl...'

You see, that particular word I tilted was the word that caught my attention most. It kinda hit me.
Not because I'm a stalker, oh gosh, no. Though in some particular ways I probably am.
Not the kind of creepy stalker following you everywhere you go.
Just, you know, the 'normal' stuffs. Like I'll search for my crush's profile on Facebook and would or would not look around their photos (depends on the relationship status, really).

But, moving on. I'm not the kind of person that just buy a book- a novel- a romance novel just because of the cover.
I flipped it over and read the synopsis. Now we're talking about some insight.

There's something, in those words (probably) carefully chosen and (cautiously) arranged that... that made me feel something in my stomach.

Anyway, after 7 months being a part of my bookcase, I finally found a courage to read it.

Seriously, I cannot put this book down. I would've finished it in a night except that my mother saw me still awake at around 3 AM and told me to go to sleep.

I think in some ways, I could really relate to this particular book. Though the main character is a 30s years old man, with a moderate job, and some crazy friends.

His pessimistic side is really the part that I could relate to.

"Sometimes I look at myself and think, Is this it?, and then I think, Yes, it is. This is literally the best you will ever look."

But this novel gives you hope, trust me.

It will make you feel summat.

It will make you feel, this is it; no matter what 'this' is.

Or at least I hope you do.

Cause I do.

Yeah, sure, I'd probably went back to my usual unmotivated self in around three days, but, hey, it's better than naught.

Even until you're in the last 50 pages of the novel, you might think: where the bloody hell is the 'hope'?
Trust me, there will be a hope. Just keep reading it.

This novel is not boring. At. All.
And that means a lot coming from me, a maniac for detective and mystery novels.

It's confusing at first, at least I'm confused.

And it's freaking written in British. You know, Londoners slangs. I don't understand most of it. But, I tried my best (Thus why my writing in this post tend to be a little British, sorry. The effect doesn't wear off that fast).

Anyhow, this really is a heartwarming story.

The one that made you let out a big sigh after turning that last page.

The one that made you hope again.

To relationship, to your work, to your best friends, to your self.

Well, before I start acting British again, I'll end it here.

Cheers, mate.

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