27 May 2014

Okay, to be honest

I just finished watching How I Met Your Mother. I mean, like, finished it for good.
The last time I watched it, I stopped at the 17th episode because I know it's ending and I'm just not ready for the ending.
But before I could finished it, two people have spoiled the ending for me.
One person told me that the mother is, well, going to die.
and the other person told me that Barney and Robin didn't ends up together.

But, you know, when I watched it, I cried and laughed and so I still think that it is an epic TV series.

Some people said that they're disappointed for the ending.
But, I don't know. To me, it's pretty cool.
I mean, I know how the movie should be about how Ted met his wife...
But real life isn't like a fairytale. You didn't meet the one and have a happily ever after. Life goes on. And sometimes, life sucks.
And I guess deep down inside we know that Ted has always love Robin. I guess what Robin said is right. She needs to marry someone that will get through everything to make her happy. And of course it was heartbreaking to see her and Barney got divorced, but Barney ended up to be a better person. He ends up as a father, one thing that he can't be by being with Robin.

There are lots of way to  move on with our lives, but time really is the best cure.
When Ted brought that blue horn to Robin's apartment (again), to me it's the most perfect ending you could ever get.

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