19 May 2014

Goodbye. Sayonara. Au Revoir. Auf Wiedersehen. Antío. Arrivederci. Elveda. Selamat Tinggal.

First of all, pardon the title. I haven't post anything since March so I'm in a hyper mode.

I know, I know, this is my first post after 2 months and why can't it be more cheerful?
Well, in my defence, almost none of my post aren't depressing :)))

Tomorrow I'm going home to Medan (this is not a sad part of this post).
It's been around a month since the last time I saw my room.
Anyway, I'm excited about going back home.

What I'm sad about is this:
My first year in my campus is coming to an end.
Our campus has a different view on how their students should spent their first year.
At first I was pissed.
I mean, how could they do this to us?
How could they made us review all the things that we've learned on our high school years. How could they? After all those days I spent deleting even the slightest bit of memory I have about Physics, Math, and most importantly, Chemistry.
I hated the syllabus.
But when it comes to an end, you finally could look at the whole picture and realised the reason behind all of those endless night and day learning those beautifully torturing subjects.
I realised it when one of my classmate hugs me today.
She said, "Please don't forget about me."
And then it hit me.
I really won't be seeing some of them next semester. I mean, not as much as I used to.
Next semester some of us are going to be in the Planology dept. while some of us (including me, hopefully) will be taking the Architecture major.
I can't see them five days a week anymore. I won't be signing my attendance under their names anymore. I won't get to sit beside them anymore.
I realised that if it isn't about this kind of syllabus I probably wouldn't meet all these amazing people. I am not an anti-social, I just think of it as too much of a bother to interact with another human being. So, I know, if it weren't for this, I might not have these many friends as I have now.
I might probably stressing about some project, some task, some test by myself.
My life would have been completely different.

When I first entered this campus, I really try hard to fit in. I mean, after all of my hard work blending in to the environment in Medan, I need to get back to (almost the same as) my JHS environment.
I have always been an awkward person, an ignorant kid, and mostly most of the time sarcastic.
I thought I never going to have any, well, friends. Of course that was an exaggeration, but, really that's how I felt.
And now, looking back to these ten months, I realised there are a lot of people that have touched my life.

Last Sunday we had our so-called Final Project and at the end of the event we watched these videos made by our friend about, well, i guess it's about all of us.
I couldn't see a thing :)) and I guess that's one of the reason I didn't feel anything watching those videos.
What made me really sad is, I don't know what will happen to us. I am not the most social and easy-going person to deal with, but I am very thankful to those that stay as my friend till the end of this year.

Thanks for the memories guys.
I'll try my best to keep in touch with you guys.

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