05 December 2013

Isn't it Sad?

For someone you thought as your friend
And you still think is
But they don't seem to think so too

i met someone i used to consider as a friend
it's been five years or so
yet he calmly walk pass by me
he talked to me
it was not
what i was hoping for

i was excited
first i'm not sure that it was him
when he looked back at me
then only i knew
that it was him

but he didn't even stop to chat
he was with his friends
and i with mine
i thought 'hey, maybe it's because he was with his friends'
yet it still saddens me

no matter when
if i met my friend
back in highschool
back in junior highschool
or even back in middle school
i will always
revert back to my old self
when i was with them

it is naive of me
to hope that people will think
the same as me
i was hoping
though i should've known
not to get my hopes up

this isn't a poem
but somehow
i want to post it like this
it's because i just read Lang Leav's poem
but anyway


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