24 March 2013

An irritating change

Sooo aloha and may God bless you!
Today i really need to let out my emotions, so pardon my languange.
We all have that one friend that changes after like, say, they have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
Sometimes even before they have an actual relationship.
So first of all, though this may look one-sided, this is how i really feel.
I guess i'm just an old-fashioned person but i take friendship as a serious matter.
When i become friends with you, i will try my best to mantain that relationship. And i, too, will try my best to accept the other party the way they are.
That's why i expect the other party to do so, too. I am hoping too much i guess.
Small things that seems unimportant, i would like to know that too, if you want to share it.
Because i will talk to you from the most unimportant stuff in my life to the most important thing when i considered we are good friends.
I thought it was only in movies that (in my condition) boys could ruin girls' friendship. But it's true enough. And the most irritating thing is that i can't do anything about it.
But here's the truth, i don't like that guy and so i don't think i can support you liking that guy. He seems to me like a pansy.
A fucked up pansy.
I can be fake, really, all this time i've been faking the fact that i don't want to know any stupid crappy updates on your relationship with that guy,
But now i can't even fake it anymore.
I really wanna puke.
And the truth is i really hate it when you say meaningless sentence like you want us to ask more about it. Oh, please!
And those tweets!!! Oh my gosh,
Calm down you blockheaded people.
Jijik tau ga sih ngeliat kalian RT2an ga jelas di twitter.
You guys are the reason i am fed up on twitter, thank you very much.
It's like this whole world is yours.
Well, do take it. I don't feel like being a part of your world anymore anyway.
I do think i'm not good with a crybaby person and a person who can't take their own choices, a person who is not mature enough.
I am not mature, but at least i'm not a crybaby and i do think friendship is above all (after family of course)
Keseeeeeel sebanget2nya
Kalo bs pengen rasanya ga usah bertatap muka lg, biar gw ga usah berakting trs
Ga enaknya hubungan di dunia ini tuh ga bs kangsung kyk "poof" ilang begitu aja
Sayang bgt..

1 comment:

RA said...

bukan berubah ren, cuma kita yg bukan lagi 'prioritas' buat orang itu. kalo udah ga ada cowo, dia pasti balik kaya dulu. cuma yaaa harus nunggu. tapi ga ngarep juga sih ya. hehehe jadi ikutan curhat

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