01 December 2011

SMEXY (Smokin' Sexy)

uhm.. hi.
so..... it's awkward.
anyway, there's this guy.. mehehehe..
he's been quite an "eye refreshment" in my class. he's really smart, totally. he used to be in the acceleration class, but he dropped out from there and enter the plus class instead. i have always thought he's good looking but at the same time cute when i first saw him.
the first time he entered our classroom, his hair was quite long, which surprised me. because, really, boys will loke more attractive if their hair is not only 1 cm long. and his hair was sort of messy yet... alluring.
ekhem *clears throat*
anyway, because he entered our class in the middle of a semester, he was putted at the last of our class number, which... used to be mine.
my class number is 52, and his is 53.
soooo, we sits next to each other in computer lab, english lab. and we're in the same group at physics lab, and chemistry lab. and ever since that, my shcool life changed. wkwk.. we somehow got to know each other even though we didn't formally introduce ourselves.
so, today is our chemistry lab. something, well, something big for me, happened.
our group consist of 4 persons, and while the other two are busy taking some ingredients and stuff, me and this guy stays on our table. we're writing the our own lab report. and then suddenly he called me, he wanted to borrow my ruler. of course i gave it, duh. that's not the main point of this story. so when he called me, i looked up from my paper, and there it is.
we wore this lab coat right? and so there's our uniform beneath our lab coat. and guys, first of all, i'm not the kind of girl who have some pervy mind, no. i don't like looking at guy topless, especially with sixpack, ugh-_-
and so, this guy's uniform button is... you know..... ah, i have to continue in indonesian, too dangerous.
kt kan ada kancing paling atas yg dkt kerah itu, yg bikin smua org yg ngancingin itu keliatan sangat culun.
enggak, dia gak ngancingin kok. tapi ntah kenapa. entah kenapa. jarak kancing paling atas ke kancing kedua nya itu terasa terlalu jauh. jadi... ya bagian leher nya lebih ke bawah dikit itu terbuka. open, men. open. dan itu tiba2 terlintas kata yg ga pernah terlintas di otak gw. "seksi". gak boong gw men. itu sangat... ughh.. meeeh... gaaah... braaaaah... uoooo. gak sampe kelietan itu tulang apa itu.. selangka. yg di dpn tulang belikat (anak biologi banget). skin. kulitnya itu men, putih kyk susu. trs suasananya itu. berdua doang. dan wah, gw asli sepichles. itu terlalu membuat jantung gw... serasa berhenti berdetak.

i am not brave enough to tell his name, yet.. wkwkwk kapan2 deh.

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