12 September 2010


blog, i am soooo sorry. it's not that i don't want to update you, but time and the world didn't let me. it's holiday you know. but it's just the same boring day for me.
my holiday started on 9th of September. so today is what? the 4th day i guess. and so the first 2 days of my holiday is pretty lame. i'm stuck in my house. the third day... oh i guess the third is the same. but today! todaaaaay! well i get the hell out of my house. even though it's just shopping with my aunt and cousin -_______-"
but anyway, today is my love Fatina Putri Maulida's birthday!! wooo hoooo
yea that's it. i'm blog-less.
i wanna post about my HELLA FANTASTIC dream, but let me write it in the next post. it's gonna take the whole page XP

Today's pray: God, I'll save my lunch money. I just need you to show the way. I really wanna go to Super Show 3 concert. It may be the last time for me. I don't know how I'm going to make it. So, God.. please show me the way. Amen...

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