03 November 2013


I'm thinking of quitting this unit i'm currently in.
it's nothing, really.
but, just as i thought, i'm not good with people.
it's too troublesome, dealing with people.
i feel like, the more people give attention to me, the more i feel like digging myself a hole and never leave it.
don't we all have that one day, one day that makes us feel so worthless, so small, so... i don't know, dejected?
i just had that one day.
maybe it's just me hyper-reacting but right now i really want to shut myself in.
i want to be left alone and just have a moment with myself.
or maybe this is just me missing my mom
or maybe this is just me feeling down because of my exams.
or maybe
just maybe
this is just me running away.

you know, i think i'm the kind of person who could actually fail before i even try.
i sometime wonder do i even know myself.
because it's like i think i'm an ignorant person. but then there are times when people's words could really stabbed me in the chest.
or like i thought i don't ever want to talk to anyone when i'm pissed, but then i will text my best friend.
or like i think i like a person and the next thing i know, i don't even like him/her.

it's like i have a double personality or something -________-
like i said i like ghost stories but at the same time i'm scared of them.
it's all so annoying so i guess this is the right time for me to just quit.
maybe i should stick to what i do best: doing nothing.
maybe it will be better for all humankind.

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